What is Psychotherapy?

I strongly believe in building a therapeutic relationship with people I work with, based on effective communication, building understanding and trust, engaging in team work, fostering encouragement and motivation, goal setting, and facilitating problem solving and effective, proactive coping.

Psychotherapy as a profession works on applying scientific and philosophical techniques to help people function at their best, be it living well with a physical and mental illness, or emotional difficulties, or in an endeavor towards self-development and growth. The intent is to enhance overall well-being, and empathy becomes essential as a tool to help achieve this goal.

I work with adolescents and adults, and sessions could be individual, family, couple, or in a group setting, usually once a week for about 45-50 minutes for a number of weeks, or months depending on the complexity of the issue presented, and the pace at which the client works. Trust, safety, and confidentiality become the foundation of my work.

I talk with people, keenly listen to them, focus on building an understanding on how best to tap into their strengths and potential, and build their psychological capacity to enable them to reach their goals.

Skype sessions are possible for those who are not in the same geographic location as me, or would prefer having virtual sessions. Please email me at dnparashar@gmail.com to discuss this further.